Welcome to JetKeys keyboard website

JetKeys goal: provide the most convenient, efficient and flexible text entry for touch screens devices.


  • o swipe able keys, are referred as ‘jet’ keys gives you the best utilization for your most precious resources,
       the screen pixels => bigger keys, or more accessible symbols.

o customized skins: choose the best keyboard skins that fits your needs.


o Download new skins or create your own.

   New skins and layouts are easily designed without knowledge of software programming.

Keys are customized

Configured as

press / multi-tap / swipe

keypad layouts / skins are customized

graphic style / language / keys layout

Q1. How to install JetKeys on my Android device

A.    Download Jetkeys.apk to the device and select install.
        JetKeys.apk can be downloaded from Goggle Market as well.


Q2. How to install additional skins?

A.    Download <skin_name>.apk to the device and select install.
        <skin_name>.apk can be downloaded from Goggle Market as well.


    Donation / Registration

    JetKeys team plan to add text completion and text prediction in the next version of Jetkeys.

    Help us with a small donation to meet this target.
    Any donation from 10 USD and up will be entitled to free license in any future versions.

Contact Us: info@jetks.com