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Due to lack of resources Jetkeys Keyboard project is currently freeze. You can still use the Android beta version free of charge, see details below. Any one who wish to support the project in any way, especially programmers, are welcome to apply.

Jet Launcher:

Meanwhile, to promote the idea of multi-directional keys JetKeys is introducing Jet launcher for Android. Jet Launcher  provides the ability to launch an application any time regardless of which application is currently running in a blink of an eye. Swipe your finger from one of the four screen corners horizontally, vertically or diagonally and you launch one of twelve different, most frequently used, applications as illustrated below.



[Jet Launcher home page]  [Jet launcher User Manual] [Terms of use]


Download Jet Launcher


Download free version of Jet Launcher from here





JetKeys project


JetKeys project goal:

Providing the most convenient, efficient and flexible text entry for touch screens devices.

Major features:

  • swipe-able keys, are referred as ‘jet’ keys gives you the best utilization for your most precious resources, the screen pixels => bigger keys, or more accessible symbols.
  • customized skins: choose the best keyboard skins that fits your needs.
  • Download new skins or create your own. New skins and layouts are easily designed without knowledge of software programming.

Owns an Andorid Device

Download and Install JetKeys Keypad Engine

Jetkeys Engine comes with three basic English skins ...
Click here for the User Guide

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Already Installed JetKeys Engine

Download and install new skins:

o other languages
o other graphic style
o other keypad layout design

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Graphic Designer?
UI expert?
Power User?

Create your own skins

No programming knowledge is required.


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    Donation / Registration

    JetKeys team plan to add text completion and text prediction in the next version of Jetkeys.

    Help us with a small donation to meet this target.
    Any donation from 10 USD and up will be entitled to free license in any future versions.

Contact Us: info@jetks.com